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Sanity Check is a game about the creative process, game design, and what it means to be an artist in the modern age. But...more specifically, it's a game about power-mad demon ladies, showboating skeletons and elder gods who just can't stick to the script. A hapless creator's first RPG Maker game spirals out of control as the stock assets take over and begin running the show.

It's time for a Sanity Check!

-Beat the combat scripting out of enemies to learn their moves!

-Experiment with unique equipment that radically alters your playstyle!

-Encounter hilarious monsters, each fight with its own unique dialogue!

-And even some secrets to find!

It may just be the first, but there's 2+ hours of content in this chapter alone! It's a big game that's only going to get bigger, so dive right in! Enjoy!

If you enjoyed this chapter, you can follow the development of Chapter 2 at @SanityCheckGame on Twitter

Install instructions

No installation required! The game executable and all necessary files are contained within the .zip you download!


Sanity Check: Chapter 1 201 MB
Sanity Check: Chapter 1 201 MB


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i want you to know, 2 years later this is one of the best rpg games that made me laugh so hard.


As a RPG Maker MV purchaser and gamedev wannabe I am… smiling out loud a lot at this! Love the writing and tone.

Hi Al.


how you been

Pretty good. Made an RPG Maker game.

That's cool. Making money?

Nah, it's free.