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Destiny is calling you.

The quest you've trained for all your life is finally about to begin.

Everything you've done, everything you are, has led to this one singular moment in time.

Will you complete your divinely-appointed task?  Will you claim the birthright the Saints have handed down to you.  Will you be the savior the people of Sunvale need?

Do you have a choice?


You Will Be Remembered is an experimental adventure game with a focus on exploration, puzzle solving, and environmental storytelling.  Go in with open eyes and a busy mind, and feel free to stop and smell the flowers.

In this in-development demo, not all the secrets of this world will be available to you, but there are plenty of sights to see and doors to be unlocked.  There are pieces ready to be put together, but the caverns are always changing, and the deepest truth might be a long time coming.

But that's all needlessly cryptic, isn't it?  So let me give you something a bit more concrete.  This game has five endings, and if you've only seen one, you've seen practically nothing at all.  Don't worry, though.  Someone will be along to help you eventually.  After all, being a slave to destiny is rather boring.

Are you still here?  You won't get any more answers from me.  You'll need to find them yourself, though they might be closer than you think.

And just be aware, what you do will be remembered.

Updated 6 days ago
Published 20 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsExperimental, Exploration, Mystery, RPG Maker, Short, Surreal

Install instructions

The full game is in the zip file.  Just download and upzip!  No installation required!


You Will Be Remembered (PC Demo).zip 187 MB
You Will Be Remembered (Mac Demo).zip 317 MB

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