UPDATE: The full version of this game has launched, with a brand new title! Check out Sanity Check: Chapter 1 right here!


Equinocturnamagica is a game in progress.

By that I don't just mean it's a demo for an upcoming full release. This is a game about the creative process, game design, and wrestling with middleware you only half understand. Play as an intrepid RPG protagonist as he wanders through a game that's being built around him. Beat the combat scripting out of enemies to learn their attacks. Equip badges that significantly alter your skills in battle.

This demo includes a special end boss who will not appear in the finished product, so please enjoy! All feedback is appreciated as the full game is still in active development.

Install instructions

No installation required! Simply unzip and select the "Game" application within the unzipped file!


Equinocturnamagica (Demo Ver.).zip 148 MB


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This game is pretty great. I would honestly buy this if you come out with a final product. Please don't scrap this project and keep up the good work.